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    where do you find drivers?

    I am trying to find the drivers for my wacom tablet to see what version is installed so I can update it.

    I just realized I don't know where the drivers are viewed. I went into finder and went into the about my mac, but don't see it.

    I am newbie and longtime windows user, so sorry if this is a dumb question.

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    The path should be here:

    Macintosh HD -> Library -> PreferencePanes -> Wacom Tablet.prefPane

    If the driver was installed to be used only in your user account, the path would change to this:

    Macintosh HD -> Users -> Your account here -> Library -> PreferencePanes

    Edited to add:

    Your Wacom tablet driver is not really a driver, it is rather a Preference Pane. If at a later date you are looking for drivers for printers or whatever, you might not necessarily find them at the same spot.

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    Or just open the system preferences > Pen Tablet to check your version number

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