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    Virtual PC for Mac OSX

    I am in the proccess of buying a new COMPUTER (PC/MAC).
    I will most defenatly buy a Powermac G5 Dual if the Mac can run everything I want it to.

    Other then the software/games I want that exist for Mac OSX, some don't.
    So i'm wondering, will I be able to run various games (Half life 2, CS:Source Etc..) on Virtual PC with a G5 with 1GB Ram?

    Another various questions...
    -Is there a Winamp for Mac? what do you use to play mp3's?
    -The ICQ Mac version, I had a Powermac G4 733mhz OSX 10.2??? and I tired to install it I got a bloody error! does it work good? like Windows versions?
    -Which File sharing/P2P softwares do you use on Mac OSX? are they as good as the Windows ones?

    I'll ask it here also. If I decide to go for a Dual G5, I will go for the Dual 2.0Ghz, with PCI-X Slots. Now, will I be able to use PCI-X video cards? this is a bit confusing sinse Apple has a AGP slot on the motherboard and they sell AGP video cards with the G5's.


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    you wil not be ablt to play those games on vpc

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    I run a G4 pbook with 1.25GB ram and virtual PC (XP pro) and it sucks. Don't buy the xp version, buy an earlier one. Actually, don't buy virtual PC. It sucks. If you want windows, buy a pc.

    I thought vpc would allow me to use simple mapping software of which I was used to using. It's awful. Very slow. You mention games- solitaire is pretty slow.

    For the cost of vpc I bet you could buy a really old pc that will run faster than vpc.

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    That and last time I checked, VPC doesnt run on the G5 processor. I believe they are in the process of rewriting it to work with the new processor.

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    actually it's out already.

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