Hi Everyone,

I am new to the world of MAC and I am having problems figuring out how to print to my Network Printer through wifi which is directly connected to my PC with a USB Cable.

I have a home network called MSHOME and I am able to find the network printer with each of my IBM Laptops with no problem. I have installed the Canon Print Driver in the MacBook and I can print to the printer when I plug it through USB Cable directly into the MacBook, but not over the network.

Short of purchasing a router that has a connection for my printer, i.e. a true network printer with an IP Address, can anyone assist me in my MacBook being able to print to the printer which is a Canon Pixma ip5000 over the network?

I downloaded Bonjour for Windows and installed it in my PC and that is how I was able to see my machine in MSHOME from the MacBook which is called winxp_home, but I am completely stumped about how to network print to the printer. I can't seem to find the printer which is called \\WINXP_HOME\Canon PIXMA iP5000 on the network and there is no communication from the PC that asks me if I want to download network printer drivers which is what happens when I add a printer to my IBM Laptops under network printers.

Can anyone please help me solve this network printing problem?

Thank you,
Ted Schiff