guys please help...
i have an ibook g4 1.33 512 ram running 10.4.11
i was trying to delete application enhancer framework and other files and on the next restart the ibook wont boot...I DONT HAVE MY INSTALLATION DVDS WITH ME NOW and i need the laptop...
shift on the boot for safe mode wont work.
cmd + v cerbose mode stuck when loading some things for the internet i think.
on single user mode i did the fsck -fy the macintosh hd appears to be ok
i did repair permissions as well.
i downloaded the combo update and put it on a usb disk to mount it according to this tutorial but the source is busy...
i have leopard on a usb drive but ibooks wont boot from usb
anyone knows how to mount and install the combo update from the usb on single user mode?
or how to change the boot disk from the single user mode so i can boot from the eopard usb drive?
please help