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Thread: What's the Difference between TimeMachine & SuperDuper?

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    What's the Difference between TimeMachine & SuperDuper?
    Don't they both back-up your computer?

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    SuperDuper! makes a bootable clone of your internal hard drive on an external hard drive: if you pay your licence fee, you can have it make scheduled backups or you can use other backup options such as backup only the newer files and add them to the older ones, etc. It is the best bootable backup solution out there.

    Time Machine makes a backup of all your files on an external hd: the copy on that external hd is not bootable, if you want to boot from it, you have to insert the Leopard DVD in your optical drive, I read somewhere. The good side of Time Machine is that you can dig up any generation of a file you've been working on for a while.

    This is a IMO thing, but for my needs and the way I save my files and stuff, SuperDuper! is more to my tastes. What I don't like about Time Machine, it isn't very configurable, and it's a bit dumb: it will backup till the space on the external is filled up, then it will start deleting the older backups to gain the room it needs for the newer ones.

    The way I save my files, I change the name as I build the work. Example: desk1.jpg, desk2.jpg, desk3.jpg, etc. So all the generation of my files are saved by SuperDuper! anyway and the backup is bootable on top of that.

    I think Time Machine has its uses though, but it isn't for me. It's good for someone who usually never bothers making backups: now that it's built-in the OS, you really don't have any reason not to backup your stuff! You only need a big external hd and you're set.

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    Thanks! I'll check out SuperDuper once they have it ready for Leopard.

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    Just for clarification purposes, my example of desk1.jpg, desk2.jpg, desk3.jpg was a bad one because every time you save a .jpg over itself, it will lose some quality.

    To be more accurate, I should have posted desk1.psd, desk2.psd, desk3.psd or any other lossless image file format.

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