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    Apple Mac training completed, but looking for Powerpoint given
    Hi All,

    I've just finished the official Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist 10.4 training course and am hoping to take the exam early in January. I was looking for the Powerpoint presentation that the course tutor used to take us through the training but cannot locate it anywhere. So I have 2 questions...

    Is this available anywhere?
    If so how can I get hold of it?

    I'd like the presentation so that I can go back through the training step by step, (we were given a book and a manual), as if I was back on the course again. I feel that I can better prepare myself for the exam in this way rather than blindly read through the book.

    If anyone can help I'd greatly appreciate it. Many Thanks.

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    I hope you've read the Apple Certification website in regards to expiring certifications.

    Once the 10.5 test is out, so is your cert. The ACHDS isn't even a certification in 10.5. Your certs expire with each OS release, not on a time schedule.


    10.5 is scheduled to be released in February.

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    when i took the 10.4 training the powerpoint was basically a copy of the thinner of the 2 books you got when you took the course. i

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