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    Mac g3 os x tiger laptop weird turn on ***help***!!!!!?
    ok i had my g3 for bout 2 - 3 weeks i bought it a mac g3 os x 10 .4 tiger every thing he said was fine like new!! so anyway tonight i was on it got on myspace the page was a little slow i was only on 2 3 mins tops i clicked the dashboard by accident and then a few secs it came up my mac slowed down more i tryed to exit out of dashboard but it was so slow so the only thing i could do is press power button i turned it back on the gray apple came up then bout 30 secs later blue screen THEN like 4 mins the mac is starting up loading screen came on it loaded fast then nothing just the loading screen its not froze i can move the mouse the cursor will move! i can turn up the volume and it will make that volume beep you know i can dem the screen its so weird i waited nothing try to turn it on again same thing waited longer on the loading screen real long still the same but its not froze!! plz help i tryed safety mode turn on still dont work & i dont have the os x disc has anybody else had this problem .....& it took only like a 1 min to turn on a day ago & and i had alot of stuff on when it slowed down like myspace iphoto imove and a another site!!!!

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    We could probably help you a little faster if it didn't take to long to translate your post in English.

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