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    Help My Keyboards Gone Crazy!!
    Hey guys i need help.... My keyboard has gone crazy on me... i tried changing the language layouts and everything i do not know what i have done or how this got switched but some of my characters are different than the keys and also when i press Shift 2 to get a AT symbol (wich i cannot even type atm) i get a " also when i press the Plus key i get a Tilde ~

    Anyone know how to get this back to normal?

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    go to  > System Preferences > International

    In the languages tab is English at the top of the list?

    On the Input menu tab select keyboard viewer.

    When you now select the keyboard Viewer from the flag symbol at the top right of the menu bar does the keyboard viewer also show these odd characters?

    Also try setting up a new user account and see if the odd keyboard behaviour shows up in the new account

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