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    Unhappy prolems migrating from Powerbook G4 to MacBook Pro (iPhoto, iTunes, etc.)

    I'm in the process of transfering all the data from my old Powerbook G4 into my new MacBook Pro and have problems with iTunes (playlists, scoring of songs, play count, etc) and iPhoto (albums, keywords, scoring of photos, etc.).

    I'm not using the Migration App included with Leopard since I don't have a firewire cable. Therefore I'm doing it manually by copying all the folder content (iTunes & iPhoto) into the new folder (via an external hard drive). The songs and photos have been transfered but all the info associated with them is lost: no albums, key words or star scoring is transfered. The same happens with iTunes, the music is there but all the info related to playlists, play count, etc. is gone.

    Is there any way to transfer all this info? Wil the migration app help doing this job and transer the whole thing?

    Thanks for your help!


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    The Migration Assistant will do this the right way. I'd suggest getting a cable at Newegg or CDW since retail stores charge an arm and a leg.

    FW 800

    FW 400

    Might as well get both.

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    You can get all that info back.

    As for your iPhoto library, if it is iPhoto 08, then it will be a single file so you just have to double click it. If not, then hold down Option while launching iPhoto and point it to your library. Make sure you copy all the database information and such.

    As for iTunes, just copy the "iTunes" folder in your "Music" folder in your home folder. If you copy it and replace the one on your MBP, it should automatically get the proper library. However, if it does not, again, hold down Option key while launching iTunes and point it to the library file.

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