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    Installing Leopard Problems!!?!
    Hey, I need some desperate help from you mac guys . I was planning on fixing my Dad's Mac Mini (my old computer) up for him as a Christmas present (reformat it, upgrade to Leopard, etc.), except I'm a Windows person so I don't know too much about Macs. I started to go about reformatting the Windows partition by un-partitioning the hard drive with boot camp and trying to re-partition it as I have done before. Turns out boot camp expired, so after setting the date back a while ago it worked but then I got a different error. Anyway, I decided to just upgrade to Leopard now since I was going to get it eventually anyway. Then I could try again with the Boot Camp that's part of Leopard. Now I'm installing Leopard from a .dmg file, and that's where my problem is. I followed a few guides on the internet, by burning a dvd after removing things like extra languages, and XCode tools, to get it down to a burn-able size with the Disk Utility. After doing this, I booted from it and it showed the Mac loading screen with the spinning circle for a while, then it went to that spacey galaxy full screen background and just showed that picture for a LONG time. I left it on over night, and nothing happened so I just force-shut it off. I burned a new one with Carbon Copy Cloner and that one didn't even get by the initial loading screen, so I ask: Can someone help me install Leopard please?

    Thanks for any help I can get and I'm trying to get this done by next week so I'd really appreciate it.

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    You are trying to install Leopard from a .dmg file? Tsk tsk. Buy a legal copy and get back to us. Discussing illegal activities is against forum rules.

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    I decided to just upgrade to Leopard now since I was going to get it eventually anyway.
    If you just got Leopard, then why bother making it a .dmg file? Why can't you just pop in the actual disc you just bought?
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    See, I didn't make it a .dmg file, I had a chance to download it off of Apple when I renewed my ADC Select Membership. I definitely wouldn't go through the trouble of turning it into a .dmg file just to install it. I study computers, and now that I am getting into Macs, I had signed up and started an Apple Developer Connection membership with Apple. This was to start learning more about Macs, but I still need help with this. Thank you, and any help will be greatly appreciated.

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