Ok after talking to the Apple store for about an hour, I finally decided to buy Leopard for my aging PowerMac. Heres my problem, after inserting the DVD of 10.5 it says my computer does not meet the requirements for the software.

Heres what I have:

Dual 800 G4 PwrPC processors, 1GB SDram, Org main drive
of 80GB seagate model. With firmware 4.2.5f1 Running 10.3.9 os.

I asked about the min requirements stating 867mhz processor and believe this to be the reason why I cant install 10.5, but I'm not sure. The persons at the Apple center stated that the Dual 800 Mhz is just above the single processor 867mhz.

I've tried a spare 120GB HDD formatted to Mac, switched out / around the memory chips. Discounted the two extra internal HDD and nothing. Same install error.

I've talked with the Mac Specialist again today and they say it should run.
Anyone have any ideas???? Is there a firmware update I may need???

Thx, Scott