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    basic question about un-installing
    I always assumed that i could just drag the icon into the trash, however i usually find that there is still many files left on my drive associated with the app. should i just deleted all of these files? how can i assure its un-installed properly? thanks

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    App delete will do a good job of deleting the associated files as well

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    If you had to use an installer to "install" the program, then you should go by that app's uninstall directions (they often have an uninstaller app also). If you simply dragged the app to your Apps folder, then any other files are usually mere preference files that aren't troubling anything.

    My only concern with 3rd-party uninstallers like AppDelete is that they may mistakenly remove something still being used, or not do a quite thorough job. You'll see stories of how just that has happened on VersionTracker and others.

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