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    Universal vs Power PC vs "Neither"?
    I just upgraded my macbook pro to Leopard, long story behind that, but...
    I have an application that I use a lot, that is processor intensive, an animation program, and it absolutely crawls after installing leopard. It feels like my processor power has been cut in half. Everything about that program takes at least twice as long to do now. Startup, rendering, applying filters, etc.

    I was thinking it was a problem with leopard, but everything else works ok.

    I then through about the fact that it may be a power pc application and emulating. However, I can't tell if it is or not. Going to get info, i get a window that looks like this.

    By scarredtaka at 2007-12-15

    Other Applications have get info screens that look like this. They say "Universal" after Kind.

    By scarredtaka at 2007-12-15

    Other Applications have "Power PC" after them.

    By scarredtaka at 2007-12-15

    So, what kind of application is being shown in my first picture. (Poser 6.0 OSX)?

    Secondly, do you think that is the source of the problem, or do you think there is another factor in play?

    I have installed all the updates for leopard (10.5.1),etc.

    If sharing the history of the upgrade and the steps that lead up to this point would help, please let me know. It's a long story, so if I don't have to type it, I wont.

    Thanks for any ideas and comments,


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    This won't be of much help as to why it's so slow, but FWIW, I ran a Google search for "poser 6.0" slow. The hits are not encouraging.

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    I've only seen Java-based apps say that.

    (That would explain why it was running slow, but not why it would be running slower. I very much doubt that is the case.)

    Oh, and you should probably upgrade AppleWorks to 6.2.9.

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    Same here, but give develops sometime. Apple just switched the processors so basically and thing that is PowerPC native with out universal code will run slower cause of Rosetta.

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    Jun 20, 2007
    Macbook Pro 2.33 C2D, 2GB RAM, 120GB HD
    Technologist- I was unaware that there was an update. Thanks.

    hal515- I was running 10.4.10 before this, and the program didn't run as slow as it is now.

    I found the demo for Poser 7, which is supposedly universal binary. If that fixes the problem, then I might be upgrading.

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