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michaelk69 08-26-2004 12:53 PM

Definitive answer on Spyware please
Hi there,

I have been having a lot of trouble with my Internet connection (i.e. I keep losing the broadband connection . . . the signal just 'drops') and the Broadband supplier is trying to tell me that it is because of Spyware on my Mac.

I have a 12 inch G4 Powerbook running on OS 10.3.5 (and even have Virex installed and running, if that counts for anything), and I told him that I don't think Spyware can work on a Mac (?), but he tells me that it can . . . and is. On mine.

Can anyone give me a definitive answer on this? Could he possibly right?

And if so, if there a reputable programme i can download to get rid of it?

Thanks very much!

witeshark 08-26-2004 01:06 PM

Absolutely not. Spyware depends on the windows architecture and is literally alien to a Mac.

Absolute Zero 08-26-2004 01:51 PM


There is spyware for the Mac, apparently. If you do have any spyware, check this out:

michaelk69 08-26-2004 03:52 PM


Originally Posted by Absolute Zero

There is spyware for the Mac, apparently. If you do have any spyware, check this out:

Thanks for that Absolute Zero . . . but do you know if it is a 'reputable company'? I am still not convinced that I have spyware on my Mac, so i don't want to download any old piece of crap unnecessarily . . .

Do you know anyone who actually has used this . . . or have you used it?

Aptmunich 09-02-2004 01:40 AM

Get back to your ISP, tell them you have reformatted your mac, everthing is clean and you definetly have no spyware anymore. Tell them it happens with multiple machines you've tried out. Tell them what it takes for them to sort out their act, cause it sure as hell isn't spyware on a mac.

That really gets to me: people in callcentre's who won't admit if a company has a problem and instead blame the consumer.

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