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    How to hide XP volume on Desktop
    XP volume on Desktop:

    hey, i know i can hide it by downloading a bunch of stuff and going into the command line etc, but is there a way i can simply remove it from view? i am concerned that if i drag the icon into my mac volume, it might mess it up or something (yes, i know how ignorant and noobish that sounds).

    thanks for your help!
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    You can go tin Finder, preferences, general, and uncheck hard disks, but you won't be able to see your Mac volume either. Personally, I never use it anyway, so I just hide them.
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    Do you need access to your XP volume for any reason while logged into OS X? If not... just eject/dismount the XP volume. You may be able to make an Automator script that ejects that volume for you... then just add that script to your login items to do it automatically.

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