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    Thumbs up View 512*512 size thumbnails in Finder
    You might have heard a lot about the 512*512 sized icons in Leopard, but Finder still allows just 128*128 sized icons. However, if you wish to look at the pictures a little larger than that, just click on any folder, then in the search bar, search for "Jpg" if all the pictures are in jpg format.

    At this point it will most probably be searching your entire mac for jpg. Just select "foldername" in the search bar on top. Now, at the bottom right there will be a slider. Just slide it up to increase your thumbnails to any size you want. This works with any file type, be it doc, PDF, PSD. After you are done, you could also save that search so you don't have to do all this the next time!

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    That option was command J on the previous versions of MAC OS X. I am not running 10.5. So I don't know if it still work. It can affect the current window or all windows.
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    Well, thing is, that "View Options" box still allows only 128*128 sized pixels. Now while you can get 512*512 using Coverflow, sometimes one needs to use the thumbnail view. And 128*128 is just too small on today's high res displays...

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