Hi All,
I found this forum by a Google search, trying to find an answer to this problem. I thought maybe it warrants its own topic.... I cannot view streaming content, or see all of some pages, from South Korea on my MacBookPro and 10.4.11. I went to my local Apple Store and tried most of the machines on display. No one at the store could explain why I can't receive streaming data from KBS, Soribada, PangTV, RedSpot.tv, etc. Today I noticed that the banners at the top of the RedSpot.tv home page don't even appear on my MAC. All of these pages are viewable and useable on my PC.

I can tell you that FireFox is the only browser which actually shows the On Air links at KBS. I tried at least five others (Opera and Safari included) which don't even show the links when I hover over the labels. After clicking on a link, I can enter my UN and PW. Then a small blank window appears, but the player never opens and starts.

I've been asking a few friends who might know someone in Korea with an Apple computer, but so far I have had no luck. I really would like to know what needs to be done to view Korean content on my MAC!

btw, I have Flip4Mac, MPlayer, WMV, XviD installed.
I think the answer will have to do with ActiveX - what do you think?