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    need urgent help
    i was installing the mac os update on my MacBook when suddenly it said i was running low on disc space. then everything froze as it was about 98% complete and my mac just shut off. when i turned the power back on the apple logo shows up and the spinning circle spins but nothing else happens. is there any way for me to fix this myself without sending my macbook to Apple? thanks for any help

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    Need a little more info
    what was the update
    was it an install disc, or just normal software update
    it sounds like you may have to get an os install (or restore) disc and do a clean install of your os
    but obviously and unfortunately you will lose almost everything
    Id say give some more info and im sure there will be someone on here who can help you quite a bit more then me
    sorry i couldn't be more help

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    okay, update.. it was the software update. i just got it to do a safe boot. then i reinstalled the update. now it works properly but takes me about 5 minutes to reboot. it used to only take seconds. and Safari keeps closing atleast 3 times a minute while web surfing.. anybody know what's going on?

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