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    upgrades from 10.2.8
    I have inherited 6 power G4 Macs's all are 10.2.8, I have been instructed to upgrade. I am very new to Mac world and really do not know where to start. I have CS 2 and Final cut pro to install when upgraded. Do i need to purchase upgrades? all systems are bought and paid for so no problem with the licience's. Can anyone help in just getting me pointed in the right direction.

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    To upgrade 10.2 to the fullest extent possible go to the apple menu then to software upgrade. If it's not there then go to "About this Mac" and you should have a little upgrade button below the version. It's free up to the end of 10.2 .

    For 10.3 or beyond you'll have to purchase it (though not in a specific order.)If you can run leopard (10.5) and afford it I would purchase that. If it's a little spendy for you then you can get tiger (10.4). I would bypass 10.3 altogether as its not as compatible with most things anymore.

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    Really appriciate your information, if I can by pass I will go to 10.4 hopfully that will work.
    again thank you very much

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