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    Question Leopard DVD > external HDD question
    I'm trying to make a backup copy of my Leopard install DVD. Leopard came preinstalled on my iMac. I'm trying to make an image of Disk 1 to save to to a 10Gb partition on my external HDD as a backup in case I lose the disk.

    I then want to use this image of the DVD to install Leopard to another partition on my external drive (which is GUID).

    In Disk Utilities I've made a new image of the DVD (tried both .cdr and .dmg formats). when I run the installer from either of these images, I get the prompt to restart, when I do it restarts but returns to my normal desktop (the installation doesn't continue).

    Anyone have a suggestion how to install from an image of an install disk? Am I doing the the correct way (I'm a noob).

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    This is for tiger, but I believe you can adapt it to leopard.
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    Thanks rman;

    I found the updated Leopard version - there are differences from doing it in Tiger, maybe this will work for me (trying it now):

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