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    Appletalk Printing
    I just got a new G4 and a New G5, both are only able to use classic (no OS 9 boot). I am unable to print from any classic applications. I am able to setup a new printer via the Chooser as well as the desktop print utility. For some reason none of the Classic Apps (simpletext, quark, Ms Outlook, etc) will print to them. Each app gives a different error message all refering me to the chooser to setup a printer, even though i already have. It doesn't seem to be a Driver issue and appletalk seems to be working since I can see and add the printers. I can also connect to my server via apple talk. Any help would be appreciated.


    Note: appletalk printing works fine from other G4's that are able to dual boot OS 9 and OS 10. Printing from classic on these MACs is no problem.

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    Found this at the Apple site…

    "I can't print from a Classic application"

    If you have trouble printing documents from Classic applications, upgrade to Mac OS 9.2.1.

    If you cannot upgrade, check to see if you are using background printing. If so, turn off background printing and try printing the document again. You turn off background printing either in the Chooser or in the Print dialog.

    If you are still having trouble printing from Classic applications, try increasing the memory available to Print Monitor. Find the PrintMonitor extension in the Extensions folder of your Mac OS 9 System Folder. Select it, and choose File > Show Info. Choose Memory from the Show pop-up menu, and increase the minimum and the preferred memory size to at least 300K.

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    Yeah, i found that article as well, but unfortunately it didn't work. I went through a bunch of articles on even spent some time on the phone with them.

    Thanks for the help though.....

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    Classic is a sad OS. Get away from it ASAP

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