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    Leopard - New Internal or External HD
    I just upgraded to leopard and my hard drive is too small.
    I heard it's a pain to upgrade my internal hard drive, is this true?
    Or can I just use an external hard drive for the windows partition?

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    It is as easy as pie to upgrade a hard drive

    But what mac do you have, this is important to know because if effects the size of internal hard drive you can have

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    Also, you can't install Windows on an external hard drive (not without some serious hacking)

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    Dec 11, 2007
    The reason I ask is that the apple store told me you can't upgrade a MacBook Pro.
    I have a MacBook Pro 15", 1.83.
    But how do you transfer all the data to the new harddrive?

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    While it is quite involving, changing the HDD in a Macbook Pro is not that hard... according to the how-to I saw...

    I would suggest you get a new internal HDD rather than an external one. Because you have a notebook, I assume you want to carry your data with you without having to carry an external HDD...
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    Do know, that if you upgrade your internal hard drive you will void your warranty. If I were you I would get a portable FW hard drive, these don't need an external power source (they run over the power that the FireWire port provides). Just carry it around with you when you need it an leave it at home on your desk when you don't. After a few years, when your warranty expires, I would go for the internal upgrade then (that's what I plan to do).

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