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Thread: Good prices for leopard?

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    Good prices for leopard?
    Does anyone know where I can get a legit copy of leopard for a college student rate? lol

    I bought my iMac 3 DAYS before the cutoff for the $10 upgrade which really ticked me off...


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    any mac store will be able to give you a student discount.
    I get mine there with a student discount and it was about 70 bucks

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    I thought the retail stores didn't give education discounts on software (hardware only) and that you had to get software from to get the education discount. perhaps I'm confused.

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    sent you a pm
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    Ill give the apple store a call and find out for you guys....

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    I got my iMac 3 days before the cutoff too. I ended up paying the £65 for my copy of Leopard, that included my student discount.
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