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    Powerbook G4 12" (2003) problem, please help.

    When I boot up my computer it goes through the phases of logging on (the apple screen, loading screen, users menu), however it doesn't give me a chance to click on anyone - it goes straight to darwin. Here's the message it gives me:

    Darwin/BSD (my-name-computer.loca) (console)


    When i enter the login (press enter), takes me to


    I enter in the password, it says its incorrect and restarts (however its not a full restart, it just takes me back to the users menu). I tried entering different passwords in, nothing worked. I booted up from the cd, reset passwords, verified/repaired disks and permissions. That didn't work either.

    I'm still getting the same message.

    Help please?

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    *Moved thread to proper forum - Not a hardware problem but software -> OS problem*

    Welcome to Mac-Forums, Sonnyangel02. Unless I am entirely mistaken, it looks like some files that the system needs have been deeply corrupted and your only possible escape out of this problem would be a reinstall.

    Can you recall when this started happening?

    Did you try booting in Safe Boot mode (start up by holding down the Shift key) to see if you can get any further?

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