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    Should I expect any problems upgrading to Leopard?

    I'm a fairly new mac-user and my laptop (First Generation Intel Core Duo MacBook) has Tiger pre-loaded. I've never gone through the Leopard upgrade procedure so i don't know if it's a smooth transition or not.

    I plan on buyng Leopard from my university store today and upgradeing soon thereafter. Should I be expecting any immediate errors/problem, hardware of software? I made sure to upgrade my third-party software for Leopard already (VPN, NeoOffice, Adium, QuickSilver, Celtx, etc..).

    My main concern are hardware problems: sound, hardrive, USB ports, graphics card, etc...

    From my experiences with linux, there always seems to be a small error/problem after a distro-upgrade. I figure that now is a good time to buy leopard because 10.5.1 update is out fixing some of the out of box problems (assumption of mine).

    Anyone have any suggestions? - I'm n the middle of finals, so i don't want a decrepit computer on my hands...


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    Your best bet is to make a final bootable backup of your system using SuperDuper! (be aware that this app is not fully Leopard compatible yet but since you want to clone a Tiger system, there is no problem). Should any problems arise, you can always revert or boot from the external drive.

    It's hard to pinpoint which upgrade method works best, but it looks for now like the highest rate of problems seem to come from those who went with the simple Upgrade option.

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    There are other upgrade options? Out of curiosity, what are they (besides a fresh install, which I don't mind doing).

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    Read this sticky: All the info you need is there in that FAQ.

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    hi...make sure everything is backed up on an external hard drive....some people have had trouble installing....when it completes the install it just goes to a blue screen...and then u have to do a 'clean install' and this wipes your hard drive...but from wat i have heard for 98% of people its been no problem

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