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    Question Archive and Install or Erase and Install?
    I'll be getting my copy of Mac OSX Leopard in a couple weeks and I've been wondering how I should install it. I have an aluminum 2.0ghz iMac that I bought earlier this summer as well as a 500gb Firewire 800 drive. Should I back up my important stuff and do an erase and install or just do an archive and install?
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    I've done both the Erase and Install & the Archive & Install. As one would think, I had absolutely no problems with the erase & install on my MacBook. I did an archive & install on my Core Duo MacBook Pro and had no problems, however when I did it on my Core2Duo iMac I ran into one hiccup which was having problems getting spotlight to index my internal & external hard drives. Ultimately, it did it and all is well. I had no major problems with mine.

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    i dont have no mac's
    no matter what operating system we are talking about linux, windows, os x....i always prefer erase and install because it is a 100% fresh start. i personally abhor upgrading os's
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