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Thread: Changing Icon in Dock

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    Changing Icon in Dock
    I put the Applications folder as well as my home folder on the dock to use the new "stack" feature and thus be more efficient, but for some reason their respective icons do now show as the typical blue folders? My applications folder, for instance, appears to show the address book icon. When I use the grid view to expand the applications I notice the address book is first in the list. I guess it is using the first application icon (address book) as the icon for the applications folder on the dock? Is there a way to make both the home folder and applications folder that I put on the dock to display a plain blue folder as their icons?

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    Your going to have to create a icon or folder (within the folder you want in your stack) that appears first on the list.

    Here is a link for using "drawers" to store all the icons in the stack

    I modified one of the blanks (made them larger, color) and created my own

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