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    Can I erase the /Library/ folder? (New User)

    I'm a new mac-user. I was wondering if I could erase the /library/ directory. It's occupying about 9.66Gb on my hard drive (which is 60Gb). I was wondering if the /Library/ director contained only help documents, or important documents/programs that helped OS-X function properly - The term is multifaceted when it comes to computers.

    Thanks to anyone who answers this.

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    Sure, you can delete your Library folder...if you're in the mood to lose everything and consequently completely reinstall OS X.

    You'll want to leave the Library folder alone

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    good thing I asked first
    I deleted a few files for applications I removed - I figured that;s not such a abd thing.

    Thanks again!

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    Library folder isn't like the real world library. It has nothing to do with books and text.

    If you want to clear lots of space, download Xslimmer, and slim down your programs. Each program contains language files, PPC information and such. If you remove that, you can free a whole lot of space.

    Btw, you can also manually remove language files from programs. Right click on an app, get info, and then remove the languages that you don't need.

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    my general rule...
    If you don't know what a file is... don't delete it...
    and will os x even let you try to delete /library

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