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    Hi there,

    I have a load of files in my movies folder. The files are a mixed bag of types including .iso .img .vob.

    My question is what type of file type is do I need to convert to so that when I ope my movies in the media centre settings it recognises them.

    I have visual hub. Is there a way to do a mass amount of files at one or do you have to drag them over to this software one by one and convert?

    Thanks guys

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    Great Question.

    I used to think I had to convert them all,m and worry about how the results would turn out.

    Then I downloaded VLC Media player. It plays EVERY SINGLE type of video and audio formats ever made.

    It really is a fantastic tool. And free!

    But if you really want to convert it, I reccommend you search

    Here are the results:

    You could also try different keywords.

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