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Thread: Hardware Assessment for Leopard

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    Hardware Assessment for Leopard
    Hi, I am looking to update multiple computers to Leopard but am not sure how well each will run on the new operating system. I know Microsoft has released software that does a hardware assessment to evaluate your what your computers performance would be with Vista. I was wondering if there is such a thing for Mac?

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    I haven't heard of anything, however I think the requirements are pretty clear.

    RAM - Anything less than a GB is going to be painful, more is better. 2GB seems to be the sweet spot, at least for Intel Macs

    CPU - 867mhz G4 is the minimum supported. 1ghz G4 is probably recommended as a minimum

    GPU - Older GPUs (i.e. Radeon 7xxx series before) mean you lose out on some eye candy. Also, a combination of a slow CPU and GPU does cause a little lag on the interface, especially Expose. My MacBook lags on Expose after about 16 windows are opened (yes I tested it). On Tiger this can be a lot higher before I get the same Lag (tested it on my Wife's tiger MacBook, same specs but with a 1.83ghz CPU compared to my 2.0ghz).

    To be this suggests that GPU RAM is a factor now on Core Animation, whereas before it wasn't.
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