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Thread: ACPI Issue - Lost all my data - wont boot

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    ACPI Issue - Lost all my data - wont boot
    Hi there

    I have a macbook laptop that has OSX on it. Last night it was downloading an update and i presume it finished. When i come to turn on the laptop ths morning i get "could not find driver for this platform 'ACPI'" and then asks me to restart.
    The repair and archive function does not work, it just says something like "could not install software, please restart"
    While scanning the disk in first aid tools i get a node error and it stops. The trouble is i have a lot of important data on there. How would i best get it going again?


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    Can your macbook boot in to os 9?

    It looks grim but there may be some hope

    Go to the extra bit at the bottom

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    You may like to get your data recovered by this software called Quick Recover from Unistal (


    Girish Gunjan

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    You may also wanna look at these couple of things:

    Mac OS X: "No Driver for this platform" Message

    Unable to find driver for platform: "ACPI". SOLVED - MacFixIt Forums

    You don't mention the version of OSX or which macbook you have. There are quite a few links that popped up when I searched for that error on google...
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