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    Access privileges for files migrated from PC
    I'm a new Mac user, and just moved all my PC files to OS 10.5. I've been having to manually set my access privileges to "Read & Write" on most files and folders, which then allows me to save changes.

    However, this morning I discovered how to "apply all" when I make changes to a folder (in theory allowing myself to save changes to all files and folders in Documents), and now, when I go to save changes, I get a new error message: that I need to overwrite the original file, and that I do not have privileges to do so.

    What's happening, and how can I make it stop? Why can't I just save my files without trouble like I used to?

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    How are you moving files?

    LAN, Mass Storage Device or Removable Media

    If you burn them to CD/DVD they should be freed of any permissions. Then they will assume the parent folders permissions on copy. You should copy them to your users home folder.

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