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    "mdworker" consuming massive amounts of CPU
    I don't know if you're having this problem, but two days ago I noticed that a process called 'mdworker' (which is related to Spotlight according to my research) was consuming tremendous amounts of CPU (almost 100%).

    That process usually runs when Spotlight is indexing your hard drive. The strange thing was that my hard drive was already indexed and the process didn't seem to stop (ever).

    I tried rebuilding the Spotlight database first, as some people have suggested, but as Spotlight was indexing my hard drive again (which is barely 30% full considering that is a 160GB hard disk), the stimated time for completion was an exhorbiting 206,457,153 hours (that's millions of hours for God sake!). Obviously, I gave up on that, for sure.

    This is happening mostly in Leopard, as I've read, specially on 10.5.1 users. Honestly I have no clue why this happens in the first place, but what I did was uninstalling Stuffit 12 and "mdworker" disappeared for good.

    Why Stuffit?

    I went to Activity Monitor and inspected "mdworker" and on the 'Open files and ports' tab, I noticed too many directories related to the program. One user on another forum claimed that when he uninstalled Stuffit the problem disappeared, so, what the heck, "I'm gonna do it too", I said to myself... And, as you know, it worked.

    Not many people have resolved this issue so far, so I guess this is not the only solution to this, but if it helps you out you should try it at least. That's my two cents.

    P.S. Any other recommendation to replace Stuffit? I don't know any other program. Thanks.

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    By the way, after that I rebuilded my Spotlight database and it only tooked 7 minutes. Now everything is back to normal.

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