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    Maximum file size 1.9 GB ??

    I've installed Logic 5.5.1 under Mac OS 10.3.5 and there's a problem concerning the maximum recording time / file size:

    With 2 tracks record enabled, the max. recoring time is 123 minutes.
    With 4 tracks record enabled, the max. recoring time is 61 minutes.
    With 8 tracks record enabled, the max. recoring time is 30 minutes and so on..

    I've max. recording time ticked off (372 min) and universal trackmode ticked off and tempo at minimum 22.
    When I set the Song Record Path (key shortcut "A"), on the right side I see the name of the harddisk with "1.9 GB" behind it. Actually this is a 110 GB partition (not 1.9 GB) of a 120 GB harddisk. The partition where Logic is installed, there's about 5,4 GB free space. I don't understand this because I didn't have these problems with OS 9.2.2 and the most important thing: How can this problem be solved? Thanks in advance.

    Disk 1, 80 GB: 1GB partition OS 9.2.2, 10 GB partition OS 10.3.5 (with logic 5.5.1 and 5,4 GB free space), 64 GB partition free space.

    Disk 2, 120 GB: 10 GB partition OS 10.3.5, 104 GB partition free space.

    All Mac OS Extended partitions.

    G4 800 MHz DP, 512 MB


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    I know that in ProTools Preferences that there's an option to limit the recording time.

    "Open ended Record Allocation" has 2 options:
    Use all available space
    Limit to XX minutes

    It doesn't mean XX minutes all together, just that particular record pass.

    So, Logic might have something similar...


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    2GB is the file size limit in many badly written 32bit application. You might be hitting that in Logic.

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    I know that in some flavours of unix there is a 2GB limit on file sizes. But I an not sure about OS X. In the other version of unix you would have to create a different file system type to get above the 2GB limit.

    But this may not be the case here.
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