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    Installing Leopard from external dvd drive?
    my mbp spits out my leopard cd for some reason. I can run it from the external dvd drive I have but when I reboot it goes right back to tiger. I also tried holding the option button but only the HD appears.

    I dont have another mac around to target disk with.

    Would it be possible to partition my HD like in boot camp and install it. then delete tiger?

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    try keeping the option or control ( cant remember which one) key pressed while u boot up

    i think the firewire CD drive should show up.
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    I tried the option button, I only see the Tiger drive. Btw its a usb external DVD drive. Does it have to be firewire? I thought the MBP could boot off usb.

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    Well can you get hold of an external hard drive? Cause if you can, then somehow make an image of the Leopard DVD on your Mac. Then, go into the disk utility, and into the restore tab. There you drag the newly created Leopard DMG into the source, and drag the external HD into the destination. Then click restore. After that you just reboot and hold down option key to select your external drive. That's how I installed Leopard on my system.

    I guess you could 'restore' the Leopard DVD image onto the bootcamp partition as well (although, I'm not sure about this, but I think it has got to be in HFS+ format)

    Your USB external should also have worked, cause it's the same principles as my first method. Try holding down "C" for booting from CD. Also, try holding down "Menu" on the remote while booting up.

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