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Thread: OS X and network printer

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    OS X and network printer
    Hi guys,

    Having a bit of a problem when printing from a mac to our colour network printer.

    Currently we have a wide range of mac, from Ibooks, powerbook G4 all the way to intel based machines. All are running OS X 10.4.11, we also have half our office on a PC environment as well.

    Now the problem I am having is this. When a mac tries to print to our OKI9800 colour printer for A3, the document will come out A4 size on the A3 paper. Now if printing from a PC, you click print, then go into the properties of the printer itself and select the paper source from the printer. I can't seem to find this option on a mac

    See screen shots below for the pc screens to show you what i mean:

    Click print on a PC:

    Then click on properties on the top right hand side:

    Then choose paper source and select A3, now the PC can print to A# at doesn't appear i can do this on a mac....does anyone have any suggestions....

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    you seem to be printing from acrobat?

    check the page scaling option on the mac side (its one of the print options in acrobat)

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