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Thread: Selling Mac, reinstall OS problems.

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    Question Selling Mac, reinstall OS problems.
    Hello all!

    Firstly my topic title is a little misleading but i couldn't think how to word it! Apologies for

    a)My windows approach!
    b) If this has been covered before.

    Right.....i bought a Mac Mini from a friend of mine (G4, 1.25 Ghz etc) It came with an OS9 disk and an update OSX disk. I formatted it when i got it with my username/password etc.

    SO the time comes to selling it (loved it but just not powerful enough for my got me into macs though!). Here's the problem.

    Ideally i want to format it again to start off with a clean install for the new owner, but it will not boot from the OS9 disk. I tried pressing down the 'C' key during boot, but this does nothing. The other problem is i have no bloody idea where the OSX update disk is. Bugger.

    So is there a way to safely change the user name and password for the new owner (a friend of mine). I have deleted all photo's and music and doc's etc etc. I just wanted to sell it with OSX on it, cos it's good!

    Or is there a way to boot with the OS9 disk and get updates to OSX?

    Sorry for the long post, and thanks for any help you may offer!

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    i don't know how to help you with booting from the OS 9 disc. but as far as i know, there never was an "update disc". they are just discs with the software, and you can choose to update. so if you can find that, you should be able to boot and install from that. but if you can boot from the os 9 disc, you need to purchase os x to upgrade to it. i'm sure you can find it on ebay fairly cheap.

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