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    Tiger Server Firewall/Nat Frustration
    I'm trying to replace a Redhat 9 Linux box I have doing my firewall/nat for my network sitting behind it using iptables.

    I have used the movie's to setup the Tiger sever and everything has worked great until now. The movies are useless on firewall/nat and I have been unable to find detailed documentation on firewall/nat for Tiger Server.

    In the setting for firewall, under the Services, I have the Radio button checked for "Allow only traffic for 'any' on these ports" set.

    I have the following boxes checked:
    Mail: SMTP
    Mail: POP3
    Mail: IMAP
    Mail: IMAP SSL
    Mail: POP3 over SSL

    (There are several other unrelated boxes checked for other ports I don't mention here)

    These are the only mail related boxes I can check. I save this config and start the firewall service and neither POP or SMTP transaction can take place on the internal clients. When I stop the service, check the Radio button "Allow all traffic for 'any'" and restart the firewall service, then mail transactions take place.

    The iTunes Radio/Store functionality does not work with either setting, So I can't help but wonder if the NAT is not working correctly. I will send the to APPLE to see if I can get a response.

    Please Help, the neighbors are tiring of the yelling.


    Network consist of:

    Linux Redhat 9
    WIN2000 box
    Mac Pro 10.5.1 dual 2.66 Leopard Client 10.5.1
    Dual 533 PowerPC G4 (Digital Audio) Tiger Server 10.4.11
    Titanium Laptop G4 400 Tiger Client 10.4.11
    iMac intel 10.5.1
    SUSE Enterprise Server Linux box

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    Frankly IMO for firewall purposes Linux is better than MAC

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