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Thread: HELP! iMac both restarts and turns on independently

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    Unhappy HELP! iMac both restarts and turns on independently
    Ok, so first off let me say I have been dealing with Apple since July 07' (now 5 months) and if you figure this out you are smarter than Apple themselves.

    I bought a 20" intel iMac in February of 2006, the computer worked fine until July of 2007 when it started restarting by itself. I called Apple numerous time with no avail. I would go to bed with the computer on sleep and it would wake-up and restart and I would see it in the morning on the login screen. I tried turning it off and would come back a while later and it would have turned itself on from being completly off.

    Apple had me do a bunch of stuff including a PM reset. They couldn't figure it out so the sent a technician to my house to fix it. He replaced the logic board, power supply, processor, and ambient light sensor. 5 days later it started to do it again.

    I called Apple again and the sent the same guy to my house. He replaced the logic board and the RAM at the same time (theory was that the RAM shorted the logic board). When he did this it would not turn back on.

    Thankfully I had done a full backup with Time Machine from Leapord. They send me a new intel iMac (07) with a processor upgrade and Apple genuine RAM.

    One personal theory had been that there was a power issue in my apartment (It is an extremly old building). I had gotten a UPC and that had not fixed it. When I got the new computer came, I had moved to a different part of town into a building built in 1977. I opened the box and plugged it into the UPC and loaded my old OS on the new iMac.

    The computer worked fine for about a week and a half until it started doing it again. Restarting and turning on by itself. I yelled at Apple for 6 hours (thusly getting Laryngitis) and they sent me another new iMac, this time with a 24" inch screen free of charge.

    I have not gotten the new computer yet, it is scheduled for Dec. 6th, but I am beginning to think. If this happened in a new computer and a new building this might be a software or firmware issue.

    On that note I did an archive and install. That didn't work, the computer continues to do it. Last night I was watching TV (after powering it down, unplugging it, and then plugging it back in) and ten minutes later I watched it turn itself on.

    I do not know what this is. I have no schedules set, the restarting and powering on is completly random and it has never done it while I am using the computer. It only does it in sleep mode and when turned off. If someone figures this out, A. you are a genious and B. I will be in debt to you forever.


    AIM: swichi293

    P.S. I have eyeTV for a Miglia TVMax+, someone told me there might be an issue with the scheduling for this program.

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    FIXED!!! After 5 months and 2 new computers from Apple, it has been fixed. In EyeTV there was a section that updates the tv guide, this was set to update every 3 hours. Immediatly under this was a check box that said "Wake computer if necessary." That check box got me over $800 in free upgrades from Apple, that and a lot of *****ing.

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