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    missing iphoto library
    First itunes couldnít find its libraryÖ All the songs were gone. I updated itunes and dragged all my music back into it and it seemed fine. Then a few weeks later, all my photos in iphoto were gone. I checked my pictures file and there was no longer an iphoto library there. I searched as best I could for it (like in the trash, etc) and for individual photos, but canít find them. 100ís of photos gone!!! Then I noticed that a few of my folders in my home file were missing. The name of the file is still there, but no file icon. When I click on the name of the missing file, it just disappears. On restart, the name reappears, but still no file. Lastly, Iím now finding that some of my music folders are empty itunes says it canít find the original file and when I go to it in my music file, itís empty. Lastly, I tried installing Norton but it keeps telling me to reinstall. It gives this warning ďThe system extension ď/System/Library/Extensions/SymOSXKernelUtilities.kextď was installed improperly and cannot be used. Please try reinstalling it, or contact the productís vendor for an update.Ē Iíve tried reinstalling 3x but still the same warning. ;-(

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, mpiahil.

    Did you manually rename your home folder? That's a big nono. r r


    *Moved thread to proper forum - not a design question but troubleshooting the OS*

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    nope, didn't rename it. the pictures folder in my home folder is missing and iphoto will not let me recreate it ;-(

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