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    quicktime player
    well im one of those people thats having trouble with quicktime player 7.3. some times i just get the bar across the bottom but no picture. i have a powermac g4 with osx 10.4.11. i have read a lot of posts about what to try to do to correct this problem but no help. any suggestions. it would be nice to choose what player to run some of the downloaded movies instead of it going automatically to quicktime. from what i understand this is a pretty common problem. i tried to uninstall quicktime 7.3 but can't figure out how.

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    I am not sure of any specific issues with Quicktime, although I can tell you VLC is an excellent program that plays about anything.

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    the problem is that when i click on some movies that are on certain sites they automatically start up in quicktimeplayer. is there a way to choose what type of player i want the download to run with

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    Yes. You get info in the file by highlighting it in the finder then presing "Apple + I" and from there you can edit the "open with" menu there to select the app you want the file to open with.

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