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Thread: OSX Tiger CD

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    OSX Tiger CD
    I have a intel macbook, my wife has a PowerBook and her is in desperate need of having tiger reinstalled on it. My question is can my OS X disc be used on her laptop or will it not work at all. She lost her cd a while ago btw. Thanks for the help!

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    If you're talking about your restore discs, then the answer is no as those are model-specific. You would have to get yourself either a set of replacement discs from Apple or buy a retail copy of Tiger.

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    And apple doesn't have the CD's any longer. They stopped that over the summer. You'll have to buy retail. If you're brave, you can buy some off ebay but I had some bad luck going that route. I finally just bought retail. In my case, I wanted to upgrade my old eMac to Tiger. And since the emac doesn't have a DVD, I had to figure out a way to get Tiger DVD onto the CD emac.
    Luckily I also have an ibook - any mac computer should work as a host computer and just download using the target disk mode deal. Worked like a charm.

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