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    Hi guys,

    I read on an article yesterday that a good way to optimize security on my macbook would be to use Firefox with the NoScript extension, as well as creating and using a user account rather than the administrator account.

    I went and created a new user account, and I had to re-install firefox, messenger, re-configure apple mail, re-rip my CD's onto Itunes, etc.

    So now that I have 2 identical accounts, I'm just wondering if I should just leave the administrator account the way it is or if I should go back into the administrator account and remove everything? My main concern is freeing up HD space and resources, is it worth it? I have a ton of CD's ripped into that Itunes library.

    Thanks in advance,


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    I am not sure whether there is any point having two identical user accounts. You can free up space in two ways.
    1) Delete the duplicate content from the admin account.
    2) Create a new Admin user and remove the old admin user, entirely.

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    Awesome, thanks for the help!

    As a side note, I just switched from PC at the beginning of the week, and I'm never going back.

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    The easiest and most efficient process would have been

    1. Create a new Admin account from your original account
    2. Log into the new Admin account and make your original account a "normal" account.

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    That would have been significantly easier, kicking myself for not asking you guys before I went ahead .. alas, it was 3am and I'm still learning the ropes ... which, may I add, are significantly easier than it was for my PC.


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