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    Heres a good one
    I just purchased an individual copy of leopard so that I can install vista using boot camp. Problem is this, I allocated 11 gigs for the partitioned disk. I figured that I would have 4-5 gigs to work several different apps that I need to use. Wrong! Vista was something like 10 gigs when fully installed.

    After erasing that drive I still have a partitioned drive on my computer that I cannot get reassigned to my original Mac HD. I cannot simply create a new partition to reinstall vista, the disk utility states that I need one start up disk that is journaled. I'm not sure how to remedy this one?

    Anyone have any around, or over this?

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    How did you erased the partition? the way you are supposed to do on os X, is you go t bootcamp assistant and it should give you the option to delete and join the partition.. after doing that you should create a new partition, about 20 gigs, should be enough for vista... hope this helps!

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