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    MacOS Software Update folder
    Hi guys, I just started using MacBook a few months ago and I have one thing that I wanted to ask. Does anyone knows where MacOS puts the downloaded update before being installed automatically through the Software Update in the System Preferences Pane b'cause I want to delete some of them to save some space. Thanks for the big help.

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, y_fajri.

    It would be best not to touch anything on the installed software because of you do, Software Update won't work anymore! When you launch Software Update, it scans that folder to see what's in it, compares what it finds to what is available for your Mac model and gives you the results. If you trash everything, it'll go wonky or will report that you need to download plenty of updates that are already there.

    Buy yourself an external hard drive instead, it's much wiser than starting to mess around with the system.

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    The updates are not kept. When software update is finished with the loading process. It removes the install package.
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    Oh it's Receipts, then, right? I got a whole bunch of them like all the versions of iPhoto, etc...

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    Thanks for the info guys.
    I thought the updates were saved in a folder. If this was the case, I was planning to burn them to a CD/DVD, so if I re-install the OS I could update the drivers/softwares without downloading them.
    Thanks again for the help.

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