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Thread: Well... How is it?

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    Well... How is it?
    If this is not the correct place or has already been posted please redirect me.

    I do not have a Mac and have not had a mac yet, but as soon as I'm done with school its # 3 on my list. Number 1 is a house number 2 is a new car (my truck has 215,000 miles on it and I have 4 semesters left haha)
    So its fairly high on the priorities.
    Unless things change between now & May of 2009 I want to get an iMac

    Well just wondering how is Leopard do ya'll love it? Any gripes about it, things you liked better about Tiger?

    Just tryin to get my fix of Mac to hold me till 09

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    Leopard is cool. Tiger was more stable. Leopard will get there in a year or so.


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    2009 is a looong ways away. Why not try renting a mac? Or there are lots of great used deals out there, with more to come, because rumour has it that some major updates are going to be made to the existing product line. Just be sure to get one with an Intel chip in it (not PowerPC).

    -hope this helps!

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    Most probably the advice we could give you now would be obsolete when you really are ready to get yourself a Mac, especially in terms of hardware.

    In eighteen months, we might still be using Leopard (it could be near end of life, though) but we could also be in the 10.6 era, who knows?

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    Yeah I know its a long ways away haha but researching stuff I want helps quell the urge to go buy it.

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    I would recommend just visiting the Apple website on a regular basis and stare at all the "goodies"........ I still drool.... and I've owned mac's since 1994

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