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    Keychains, what are they?
    New to macs.

    I started Dreamweaver today (opened before but this was the first time I had setup sites and used FTP) and I received a message about keychains.

    I chose to always allow and this has now gone away. What are keychains, should I be worried about this?



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    This comes from Mac OS Help:

    About keychains

    You can use keychains to reduce the number of passwords you have to keep track of. A keychain can store all your passwords for applications, servers, and websites; cryptographic keys and X509 certificates; or even sensitive information unrelated to your computer, such as credit card numbers or personal identification numbers (PINs) for bank accounts.

    When you connect to a network server, open an email account, or access any password-protected item that is keychain-aware, your keychain can provide the password so you don't have to type it.

    You start with a single keychain, which is created automatically the first time you log in to your Mac OS X user account. Your default keychain has the same password as your login password. This keychain is unlocked automatically when you log in to Mac OS X and is referred to in Keychain Access menus as the "login" keychain.

    You can create different keychains to store passwords for different purposes (for example, one for work and one for online shopping) or make a copy of a keychain so you can take it with you to other computers.

    Keychains can be accessible to just a single user or shared with the other users of the computer.
    I am still on Tiger so I can't say whether any new features have been added in Leopard.

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    Thanks mate

    Why would dreamweaver want access to this then, would that have something to do with the FTP passwords?

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    Yeah, Keychain would've asked you if you wanted it to add the passwords to it so in future you wouldn't have to type them ... there would be a password associated with your website.

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