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    how to uninstall leopard?
    I just bought a macbook pro last week and it came with the leopard upgrade disk, so I installed it. I want to switch back to whatever the OS X was before leopard how do I do so?

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    If you bought your MBP last week there are high chances it already came with Leopard pre-installed and the Recovery DVD. If that's the case then you have no choice but to buy Mac OS X Tiger separate. If the OS pre-installed was Tiger and there was a disk containing Leopard, then there should be a recovery disk with Tiger. When I bought my MB it came Tiger pre-installed and the recovery disk with Tiger in it along with iLife 06, iWork 06 demo and other stuff.
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    Didn't it come with a Tiger disc as well? It should be called the "Install disk" or something. Just pop it in and press C while booting up.

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