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    Exclamation why can't I partition my hard drive?
    I got a new Macbook a week ago, and I'm trying to partition the drive so I can install XP on it, but every time I try it says it 'can't continue because there is no room left on volume'. I don't understand this as I've 25gb free, but I've also noticed that if I try to get it to create the new partition at a different amount, it still reverts back to the amount of free space I have. I've tried running disk utility from the startup disk without loading Leopard, and the same problem crops up. Anybody else have this, or know of how I can get past it?

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    I had a similar problem when I tried installing XP on a macbook with somewhere around 25GB of free space. The Bootcamp installer said that it couldn't partition the drive. Then I read somewhere about iDefrag and ran it through. I must say, apart from the system boost, the installer went through right away. Many will say HFS+ does not need defragmenting, but I beg to differ as I've seen improvements... noticeable ones at that.

    I also wouldn't recommend partitioning your disk using Disk Utility outside of Leopard...

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