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Thread: Reinstall Tiger over Leopard

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    Question Reinstall Tiger over Leopard
    Hi - I'm considering getting a new 24" imac but I'm concerned about the compatibility issues between Adobe CS3 and Leopard. At the moment I have a mac mini for which I have a Tiger install disc. Two questions:
    • Can I use the Tiger disc to install Tiger over Leopard on the imac?
      If I do install Tiger over Leopard, does the imac come with a Leopard install disc so that I can install it at a later date (when compatibility issues are sorted)?

    Would appreciate your advice - thanks

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    Besides being against the EULA and frowned upon in discussions here...
    No, you wouldn't be able to use your Tiger disk to install it to the iMac.
    The disc's that come with the machines are machine specific - (hardware wise to my understanding) - and would not work.

    If CS3 is a big issue for you, would suggest waiting until Adobe gets it all sorted out. Shouldn't be longer than another month or two at the most I would think.

    On the other hand, an Apple store near you, may still have some with Tiger on them and just have the Leopard disc supplied. Be worth asking about. I know how that bug for a new machine hits.
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    Thanks for your response. The Tiger disc I have is separate from the install/restore discs I had with the mac mini (which came with Panther installed). It is marked as a CPU drop in DVD - is it still the case that it won't work in a new imac?


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